Permanent Make up and MPMU

All full Permanent Make up prices include both your first and compulsory second session and all require a £50 deposit when booking.


Most natural hairstroke brows


Digital Brows

Bolder hairstrokes, ombre, combination or powder brows. 

Better for oily skin


Eyeliner - Half

Top or bottom liner


Eyeliner - Full

Top and bottom liner


Eyeliner advanced add on

Latino, Smokey, Flick, wedge etc


Saline removal 

Price per session



Price quoted at consultation


Pmu top ups 

Between 9 and 18 months 

50% of the origional price

Lip liner

Frame and define the lips


Lip liner and blush

Frame and blend the lips


Lip liner and full colour

Including ombre lip


Beauty spot


Scalp micropigmentation

For thinning or balding hair.

Densification or hairline replacement

Prices quoted at consultation


Areola reconstruction and 


PMU inks to improve or replace areola

Prices quoted at consultation