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Intro First Blog Entry


Hello everyone and welcome to the new website! most of you have been with me for many years via the Facebook group and this is just another way to share my information and any relevant updates. Please do have a browse and feel free to contact me with any enquiries! I hope to see you all soon xxx Vik xxx



For more regular updates, and further examples of my work as well as great info and tips relating to all things Fabulous! Give our Facebook page and group  a follow, click the link here to take you straight to us on Facebook, or the longer standing group is linked to the same page if you'd prefer xxx   www.facebook.com/Victoria.Be.Fabulous

Christmas party bundles!


There are 2 different Christmas party packages available this month, the first one allows you to choose your own with a pick and mix deal of any 2 for £35, 3 for £50 or 4 for £65. select however many you'd like from these options: Gel polish on fingers or toes/ Fake bake spray tan/ GHD curls on dry hair/ Manicure or pedicure/ or a Brow tint, wax and shape!

The second deal is for a full split end pro session with hair treatment and an LVL lash lift for just £75!

December offer


Each month we run a different special offer, and for this month its a massive 20% off ALL permanent make up services to celebrate the end of a busy year! Please see the services and prices page for a full list of what's available then contact me to book in.

Make up designed for you! 


Permanant (or semi permanant as it used to be known) make up is a wonderful thing if you need to save time each day! And don't we all?! 

An example of my most popular treatments are pictured here..

1 - digital machine brows, shown here in hair stroke style but also available in power brow, defined brow, textured or powdered brow, and ombre etc

2 - Lips - shown here as liner and heavy blush, but also available as liner only (really good for people who don't want a bright colour but would maybe just like there lip line defining in say a subtle nude colour!) Also liner and part blush or full colour too

3 - Eyeliner - bold or simple definition eyeliners can be done according to your needs.. it's shown here in black but we have a softer brown and also blue or a beautiful subtle purple which is gorgeous on certain eye colours really makes them pop 😍

4 - last but certainly not least is Microblading. Shown here with a more defined brow as this lady required quite a bold underline but this can be done as light or heavy as you like. Although microblading can produce other brow styles than hair strokes I feel it's best suited here and if your were looking for a more defined brow then a digital method may be a better option as microblading tends to heal softer. Its Also better suited for less oily skin types.

I am trained up to a very high level vtct 4 and attend many many masterclasses, and seminars etc so I can keep up to date with every latest style and technique.. we tailor your procedure to your very own needs. The way i see it, Everyone has different preferences for make up.. so why shouldn't this be the same 😍

And to make it even better, there's 20% off all permanant make up this month 😮

So why not make an appointment to come see me for a no obligation consultation and let's see how we could help you wake up with make up and save time every day!? Xxx 

We don't offer 'cheap' treatments.. 

We FIX 'cheap' treatments!


Sadly, due to a sudden flood in the market and the ease of obtaining a basic level qualification there has been a massive rise in correction requests across the entire industry. To perform procedures in a safe, legal way following good practice, government legislations and by laws and of course, ensuring you have the best quality products for your clients, costs money. Always remember when considering prices, that you are paying for your treatment standards. So when considering that most of these treatments are for areas on your face it is so important to consider this when deciding on a practitioner.

The current highest qualification available for these kind of services is a level 4 vtct, of which I hold. most practitioners are running on a diploma style certificate which is totally legal, but just does not come with a deeper understanding of the the skin, or a thorough knowledge of the colour corrections and removals that comes with a level 4.

The most common issue I face when people have approached me with requests to repair previous work from elsewhere, is poor pigment choices that have healed badly in the skin and given an unwanted tone. It takes a high level of skill to know what to do with these in order to repair the problem and not actually make it worse, and that same knowledge is useful to ensure I avoid these problems in the first instance for my own clients.

You can be assured that I always take my clients safety and product quality very seriously and I am trained up to the highest standard, with a very high level of first aid with ACT FAST, myself and my premises are fully licenced by the council and im a member of proffesional bodies such as The Guild and The Assosiation of Registered Aestheticians.

All of these extremely high standards are reflected in my prices. I would never cut corners in order to cut costs. I buy all my products from top standard suppliers that abide by rules from their governing body, and never ever from un solicited sellers from certain online marketplaces of which I shall not name..

It's your beautiful face at the end of the day and it's not worth risking 😘😘😘 x 

SEASONAL closures 



I will be down at the old stiene tommorow (Christmas eve) for the annual homeless festive giveaway so I won't be in ssalon, but im happy to answer your messages and calls etc. (Just maybe​ not as quick as usual as will be giving out lots of hot drinks, food, gloves hats blankets etc and goodies) 😊 xx

Christmas day: closed

Boxing day: closed

New year's day: closed

That's it!! Open as usual for all the other days 😍 😍😍

Still a few spaces left before new years eve for party prep! I'll be working in the day  new years eve too in case anyone needs Ghd curls etc for their parties 😘


Merry Christmas to all my lovely clients 

xxx Victoria xxx

Christmas eve compassion! 


Be Fabulous was closed today while we set up a pitch in brighton to give out free food, clothes, winter wear, blankets, bags, toiletries, dog food, hot tea and coffee, some Christmas cheer, and lots of love! 😍 it was our 5th year doing this and all the wonderful people around me totally stepped up yet again with donations and coming along to make it happen, creating another Great success!

We thank you all for your patience in replying to messages during this time xx xx 🎄🎄🎄

January SALE announced!


So it's actually January tommorow 😮 where has this past year gone!!!?

Its time to announce the details of our massive January SALE !

I have set not one, but FIVE huge discounts for you all to use as much as you like for the whole month of January 😍😍😍

Beat those post Christmas blues and and start 2018 with a treat for surviving 2017 ;) Get yourself booked in before the spaces are gone and these amazing offers have run out! Xxx

Stay Fabulous my lovelies! 👑👑👑👑💖💖💖

Offer details below if using a mobile devce and cant view the poster clearly xx

1) ALL Brows, Lips and Eyeliners for Permanant make up reduced to just £200 (up to £199 off!!)

2) Free hair cut with every colour service!

3) £5 off gel polish nails!

4) £10 off a split end pro full hair session with free treatment!


5) 20% off ALL types of facial treatments! (Both medical and beauty levels)  

Offers end strictly on the final day of January 2018. Spaces fill up fast so please book in advance to avoid disappointment x 

Micro needling.. scary or not? 


 Just finished a lovely digital micro needling facial with one of my regular clients who was at first worried about trying it and I find it so hard to explain to people that it's not nearly as scary as it sounds so I thought I'd share a few points 💖

The correct digital micro needling can offer a fantastic improvement on some really stubborn skin conditions and really shouldnt be painful or be scary at all!

Lots of people think that dermarollers and digital micro needling are the same, they're not. As in the picture ive added, you can see the roller, due to its nature, creates a tiny v shapped trauma in the skin which creates higher risk of bleeding and a lot more down time as more trauma means more healing time. They are also typically quite painful ive gathered from hearing clients previous stories.

Digital micro needling however, is a direct and tiny multi 'stamp' so it creates far less of this trauma and therefore hardly any down time and no pain!

So because of this lack of trauma, Generally clients experiance no bleeding at all.

The type of digital micro needling I provide requires a higher standard of training to perform and as a technician I am fully trained in selecting the correct needle depth and type to suit your skin condition and needs so it really can be a bespoke treatment with much more flexibility.

Micro needling isn't just for facial benefits either, it can improve scar tissue and stretch marks etc all over the body! Treatment plans for these type issues can be built individually depending on area size and need.

There's also 20% off all facials this month so it's the best time to give it a try!! xx 

Free competition!! 


 Who wants to win this gorgeous clarins set in our TOTALLY FREE competition!!?

To Win all you have to do is head over to https://www.facebook.com/Victoria.Be.Fabulous/ 

 like and share our facebook post, make sure you like the group/page and comment saying you've done all 3 of the above to let me know your in!!

The winner will receive as pictured:

1 Clarins moisture rich body lotion

1 Clarins gentle refiner

1 Clarins beauty flash balm

1 Clarins instant eye make up remover


1 Clarins rose gold beauty bag!!

All items are brand new and offered totally free to the winner who will be selected at random on the last day of January!

The competition is running across the Be Fabulous 'group', and the Be Fabulous 'page'. Each person can follow the steps on both the group and page for double the chance of winning if they chose but this is not compulsory.

All 4 steps (like post, share post, like page/group and comment) must be completed on at least 1 site in order to be entered and the Winner must live in the UK.

Head over to our Facebook page to take part! https://www.facebook.com/Victoria.Be.Fabulous/

GOOD LUCK!! 👑👑👑💖💖💖

*UPDATE 1/2/18 competition now over and winner announced on the Facebook page and contacted. congratulations xxx

February offer 


 Our February offer is live and going well! 

ALL lip procedures are half price through ought February! 

Save up to £200!!!



 Be Fabulous has made it to the FINAL of the "English Hair and Beauty Awards 2018"!!!!!! 

We are in the category "BEAUTY SALON OF THE YEAR" for the whole of the South East! 

This is a MASSIVE achievement and we are absolutely delighted!

The awards are being help in Leicester on the 18th of March so wish us luck!

Massive thank you to those who felt they wanted to nominate us, we really appreciate it, it truly means the world to us xxx